Getting Started

This documentation is designed for users new to the Relational Knowledge Graph Management System (RKGMS), and new to Rel, the descriptive modeling language at the heart of the RKGMS.

Launch your first database and delve into your data in just a few clicks by following the Quick Start tutorial below. For where to go next, check out the Walkthrough, which will guide you through the documentation based on your interests.

Quick Start

This Quick Start guide describes how you can begin working with our Relational Knowledge Graph Management System (RKGMS) using the RelationalAI Console.

Documentation Walkthrough

This guide helps you work through our documentation in an optimal order, beginning with basic and proceeding to intermediate knowledge of our RKGMS and Rel language.

Rel Tutorials

The Rel Tutorials are designed for users new to the language and offer an accessible way to start learning. Using concrete, real-world examples, these describe and explain the benefits of Rel in a range of use cases. Each tutorial teaches general concepts and helps beginners practice coding in Rel.

Go Further

This is just the beginning! For more advanced topics and reference materials, please visit the Rel and RKGMS documentation. You can also find our SDK Guides which let you communicate with the RKGMS in your programming language of choice.