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Getting Started

Rel Language

Welcome to Rel.

This is a gentle introduction to the descriptive modeling and querying language Rel. It is designed for people who are taking their first steps to get started using Rel.

What is Rel?

Rel is an expressive, declarative, and relational language designed for modeling domain knowledge. It is human-readable, which means that domain experts and developers can bridge the communication gap that so often exists when trying to model business logic.

Building sophisticated, model-centric applications requires support for a variety of workloads, and Rel is a one-of-a-kind, purely relational database language optimized to handle them all.

Rel Tutorials

The Rel Tutorials cover the essentials for getting started, beginning with loading data into a RAI database and constructing queries. They cover some aspects of data modeling, including how to design and query your data.

They offer a first taste of the power of relational modeling with the Rel language, using concise examples to complete specific tasks.