Query Browser Added to the RAI Console

Posted October 20, 2021 by Denis Gursky and Trevor Paddock ‐ 1 min read

The RAI Console now has a Query Browser.

The Query Browser is another tool the RAI Console provides for exploring the contents and state of your database. The Query Browser lets you list and interact with all the relations, both EDB and IDB, defined in your database.

You can filter the listed relations you see by EDB or IDB, and you can even hide the system-defined IDBs so you can focus on the Rel specifically written for your database.

With the Query Browser’s edit panel, you can experiment with issuing query requests. Clicking on a relation adds a new tab with a simple query, e.g. def output = RELATION_NAME. The output panel will display the results in the same way as you would see them in the RAI Notebook.

Queries are currently saved in your Web browser’s local storage, meaning you won’t get your queries in a different browser.

We created some shortcuts for using the Query Browser:

  • Cmd-S or Ctrl-S saves the query
  • Shift-Enter saves and runs the query
  • Ctrl-Enter creates a new query