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Data I/O: Supported Data Files

Data I/O: Supported Data Files

This guide elaborates on the supported data file types.


By following this guide, you will learn what data file types can be used in RelationalAI’s system, their supported compression, and the available data sources.

This guide complements the rest of the data I/O guides, such as CSV Import and JSON Import and Export guides, where you can find all the relevant information for specific data types.

Supported Functionalities

You can find all the funcionalities for each type of supported data file in the following table:

File Type Source Compression Compression Type
Cloud YesYesGzip (opens in a new tab) (.gz extension)
Cloud YesYesGzip (opens in a new tab) (.gz extension)

Note that you can only use compression when importing. It is not supported for exporting.

See Also

Now that you know what type of data files and compression are supported in RelationalAI’s system, you can see the data I/O how-to guides to learn how to interact with data. See CSV Import and CSV Export for CSV data. If you’re interested in JSON, see JSON Import/Export. See Accessing the Cloud to learn more about supported cloud providers.

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