Rel Libraries

Our collection of Rel libraries.

The Rel Libraries provide common helper functions organized by use cases.

List of Libraries


The Standard Library (stdlib)

A broad collection of Rel functions that perform essential and commonly used tasks.

The Intrinsic Library (intrinsics)

A collection of intrinsic Rel definitions.

Math and Computer Science

The Algebra Library (alglib)

A collection of algebraic operations.

The Histogram Library (histogram)

Definitions of built-in functions for creating histograms in Rel.

The Machine Learning Library (ml)

A collection of machine learning tools.


The Visualization Library (display)

Visualization tools including text, table, and figures.

The Vega Visualization Library (vega)

The Vega visualization library.

The Vega-lite Visualization Library (vegalite)

The Vega-lite visualization library.