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Getting Started

RelationalAI’s (RAI) Relational Knowledge Graph System (RKGS) extends your data cloud with graph analytics, reasoning, and optimization workloads.

The easiest way to get started with RelationalAI is with the RAI Integration Services for Snowflake, which exposes a subset of the features of the RKGS to Snowflake users. Using high-level SQL functions and procedures, you can perform graph analytics and other workloads on Snowlake data.

Users who need access to all of RelationalAI’s capabilities may want to get started with the RKGS directly.

Get Started Using Snowflake

Start using RelationalAI from Snowflake with one of these quick start guides:

Get Started With the RKGS

Understand the benefits of the RKGS and get up and running fast using the RAI Console:

Browse the following walkthroughs to explore everything that RAI has to offer:

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