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Entity Data Types


The data type Entity is a supertype of Hash.

Type Relation: Entity(x)

The Entity relation holds if a value has a Hash type. Everything created using an entity type constructor is an Entity:

// read query
entity type Person = String
def bob = ^Person["Bob"]
def output = Entity(bob)

See Entities for more details.


The Hash type contains values generated by the hash128 utility, which includes entities generated with the (default) @hash annotation.


Hashes are constructed with hash128[R], which hashes each of the tuples in the relation and adds it as a new column in the result:

// read query
def output = hash128[{("a", 1); ("b", 2); ("c", 3)}]
// read query
entity E e = 1; 2; 3

Type Relation: Hash(x)

Hash(x) tests whether x is a Hash.

// read query
def output = hash128[{("a", 1); ("b", 2); ("c", 3)}]
ic hash_ic { subset(output:values, (String, Int, Hash)) }
// read query
entity E e = 1;2;3
ic { Hash(E) }

Noteworthy Operations

The hash_value_uint128_convert utility converts a Hash type to a Uint128:

// read query
def hashes = hash128[{"a" ; "b"}]
def output(x,y,z) = hashes(x,y) and z = hash_value_uint128_convert[y]

In the other direction, Uint128 values are converted to Hash with uint128_hash_value_convert:

// read query
def output = uint128_hash_value_convert[0x00000123456789abcdef]

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