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Error Code: DATA LOAD

This guide explains why a data loading error may occur and how to fix it.

There are several ways and data file types in which you can import data into RelationalAI’s Relational Knowledge Graph System (RKGS). See Data Import and Export for more details.

While importing data, several aspects require attention to successfully load certain data. Those related to how to access the data you want to import return a DATA LOAD error if not properly configured. See the DATA LOAD CONFIG error if the issues are related to the loading configuration.

Example: Wrong Path

Consider the following example:

def config[:path] = "azure://"
def output = load_json[config]
Error example from the RAI Console

The import option path is a string that specifies the location and name of the file you want to import from the cloud. See Accessing the Cloud for more details.

In the example above, the output returns an error due to a typo in the URL string, i.e., jsonn instead of json.

The correct path returns:

// read query
def config[:path] = "azure://"
def output = load_json[config]

Example: Wrong Credentials

Say you try to import private data:

module config
 def path = "azure://"
 module integration
  def provider = "azure"
  def credentials = (:azure_sas_token, raw"sv=2014-02-14&sr=b&si=TestPolicy&sig=o%2B5%2F0C%2BLm7tWWftNKvQEGKHlSt%2Bfs8No7FZkUk5T%2Bv0%3D")
def output = load_csv[config]
Error example from the RAI Console

In this case, the path to the data is correct but the credentials within the integration cloud parameter are not. This may happen because of a typo or because the provided credentials don’t have enough permissions.

Note that the percent sign % is used for string interpolation within a Rel string. This means for URLs and cloud credentials you need to escape the character % with \% or declare the string as a raw string (raw"...").

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