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The Relational Knowledge Graph System (RKGS) is composed of the core relational database engine and its support infrastructure. It is used to create engines, deploy and administer databases, and connect those databases with the end-users and applications that access them.

The two main ways to interact with the RKGS are the RAI Console and the RAI SDKs.

List of RKGS Sections

The following sections introduce the RKGS, explain how to interact with it, and cover important RKGS concepts:

Why the RKGS?

Understand the benefits of using the RKGS:

The RAI Console

The RAI Console is a web-based platform for interacting with RKGS databases and engines. It also includes the Editor, which can be used to develop models and write queries using Rel. The following guides explain how to navigate and use the RAI Console:


The RelationalAI SDKs allow your code to interact with the RKGS. The following guides explain how to configure RAI SDKs to build smarter applications:

RKGS Concepts

Learn more about key topics and concepts related to the RKGS:

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