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Undocumented Errors

Undocumented Errors

This guide describes undocumented errors reported by the RAI Console, the RelationalAI SDKs, and the RAI Integration Services.

What Causes Undocumented Errors?

Some error codes are not documented and are subject to change. These error codes correspond to internal system errors. Undocumented errors usually mean that the Rel compiler could not rewrite your code into a form that it could evaluate. This may indicate code that is not yet supported by the compiler, either because of a problem with the compiler, incorrect user input, or because of a feature that has not yet been implemented.

An example of an undocumented error is INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR.

How to Work Around Undocumented Errors

You may be able to avoid undocumented errors by rewriting your code to be more precise. For example, try deconstructing the problem into more specific pieces and testing them individually before combining them together.


If you encounter an undocumented error that you are unable to resolve in this way, please contact RAI support

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