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Rel Reference

This section is the reference manual for the declarative and modeling language, Rel. It explains the features of the language, describes its underlying logic, and provides examples of different use cases.

List of Rel Reference Articles

The following table lists all the articles you need to understand Rel and how to use it:

IntroductionA brief introduction to the Rel language.
ValuesBasic information about values in Rel.
Lexical SyntaxBasic vocabulary in Rel.
DeclarationsDeclarations in Rel.
ExpressionsExpressions in Rel.
Higher-Order DefinitionsDefining relations that operate on other relations.
AnnotationsFrequently-used annotations that provide additional information to the compiler.
SpecializationsHow to make certain values a part of the schema.
Integrity ConstraintsHow to formulate integrity constraints.
Other TopicsVarious other topics.
Data TypesDetailed information about the various data types.
Keywords and SymbolsAll the keywords and symbols.
TerminologyImportant terms used in the reference manual.
Rel LibrariesA collection of relations for a wide variety of common tasks.
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