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To effectively manage and configure the RAI Integration Services, you need to meet some requirements and follow the naming convention for RAI and Snowflake objects.


To be able to manage the RAI Integration Services, ensure that you:

  • Are a member of the Snowflake ACCOUNTADMIN role. See Access Control for more details.
  • Have access to a RAI OAuth client with admin rights.
  • Have a working RAI CLI. Most admin tasks within the RAI Integration Services are managed through the RAI CLI.

Naming Convention

RAI and Snowflake objects are named using snake_case (opens in a new tab), like my_db.

Variables written with angle brackets <>, such as <rai_database_name>, indicate that you need to replace the content with the actual value in your environment.


RAI objects and resources are case-sensitive; Snowflake objects are not.

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